Cleaning Services

Provision of cleaning services is our company core business.  Be it condominiums, commercial buildings, factories, and offices, we provide cleaning solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our cleaners are skillful and experienced in handling cleaning jobs which give you efficient and effective results.  We emphasize in training our cleaners to keep them updated with latest cleaning methods, equipment and product knowledges.

We invested in new equipment, machineries, tools and products to make cleaning jobs simple and fast.

By entrusting your cleaning needs to us, we can provide you with a piece of mind through professional supervision and quality services.

Landscaping Services

Provision of landscaping services has been our company’s environment and social responsibilities to give a green and sustainable development.

Our landscaping personnel is versatile in landscape construction, landscape maintenance, growing of turf & new plants, trees pruning and trees transplanting.  They are constantly trained in landscaping know-how to achieve the highest standard of results.

We invested in new equipment, machineries, tools and products to make landscaping jobs simple and fast.

House Cleaning Services

We provide a wide range of house cleaning services to suit your cleaning needs.  From regular to ad-hoc cleaning assignment, we make sure your home is perfectly cleaned every time.

We also provide spring cleaning for a massive clean-up job to usher in festivities, pre-moving cleaning for a new home and workspace cleaning for a tidy & neat environment.


Housekeeping Services

Our housekeepers manage the duties and chores involved in the running of the household such as cleaning, cooking, minor maintenance, laundry, bills payment, etc.  Whether daily, alternate day or weekly services, we ensure your home is safe, secure, clean and comfortable.

Handyman Services

With strategic partnership with trade specialists, we can solve your day-to-day household problems.  From locksmith, plumber, carpenter to electrician, we deploy them to your home or workplace in the shortest time possible.  Our specialists carry out the repairs efficiently and professionally to make your life at ease.

Repair works, be it minor or major, our handyman service providers able to give a solution.

Concierge Services

We provide concierge services to condominiums, service residences, malls and commercial buildings to handle the tasks like booking of reservations, customer services, taking maintenance request, etc.

Our concierges are all-around to answer all your needs.

Refuse Disposal Services

We provide bulky items disposal services for pre or post moving activities and let you focus on your house moving plan.  Skid tank is provided to collect the unwanted furniture, appliances, etc. as part of our value-added service.

Our services can be customized to include house moving, containerized moving and logistics for overseas moving.

Pest Control Services

Our strategic alliance with pest control specialist allows us to take care our customers’ pest control needs.  We pride ourselves in providing adequate protection and safety for people through innovative solutions which are effective, efficient and responsive.

With trained and experienced personnel, our strategic partner tackles any pest problem with confident and professionally.


Security Services

Our strategic partner in security industry provides uniformed security personnel for private, commercial & industrial facilities, security audit & consultancy, and Executive/VIP escort & protection services

With years of experience in the security industry, your business and home are safe and secure in the hands of this expert.

Engineering & Maintenance Services

With technical and engineering background of our senior management staff, we pride ourselves in giving solutions to the engineering and maintenance issues you may face in your daily operations.

From metal fabrication to pipe diversion, energy savings to reusable conversion, our experienced personnel ensure all the job assignments are completed with excellent results.

1-stop services

We cater and able to customize our services depending on customer requirements.